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Meet Our 2022 Inaugural Cohorts

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From Our 2022 cohorts


"In M7 community, which they have a strong network of more than 100 advisors and mentors, We are looking for help with the Facilitation of relationships with medical device companies, support in ensuring the development of our SenseerCare remote monitoring platform, support in identifying key personnel required to complete development of SenseerCare, Intro to senior living community developers, owners, and operators in China and help with access to funding from US and China”.


- Senseer Health Inc. Founder

Sascha Lee, PhD, MBA

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

M7 is a boutique accelerator where our life-long relationship with your company only begins with a three-month program tailored to the needs of early-stage companies like yours.


Focusing on Biotech, MedTech and Device startups, we link outstanding global healthcare startups with investors, mentors and corporate partners.


Interested to join us?

Communication Tower

Our Training Programs & Services

Hybrid Accelerator Program 

This 3 months' industry-focused program is designed for professionals in early and later-stage life science companies who are ready to gain the foundation needed to understand the importance of a strategic roadmap and the requirements to successfully develop and commercialize a new medical technology, drug or biologic.


This program will serve as a community hub, forging lasting connections, and inspiring tomorrow’s innovators. Interested?

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Business Conference

Industry-led Mentoring

Our knowledgeable and experienced mentor group team are aiming to help entrepreneurs to transform their business with a proof-of-concept technology into a high-growth, investable company. The M7 network of innovation and expertise is also available to support your success. Mentoring topics include:

Kickstart International

With an extensive list of international partners and resources, we enable your startup to scale up locally and internationally. Our strategic partners work closely with the M7 team and help shape our efforts to support the ecosystem. As an established member of the M7 network, you will gain the access, insights, and visibility needed for your business growth. 

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