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Partnership with Venture Café Miami

We’re excited to announce that Venture Café Miami – a great community for innovators and entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and share, has joined the M7 partner community!

As a part of the growing Venture Café global network, Venture Café Miami builds strategic partnerships with companies and organizations within Miami and beyond. The community has had over 600 events, 12,000 innovators, and 300 speakers.

As a value partner to M7, Venture Café Miami helps connect a community of innovators and entrepreneurs through freely accessible high-impact programming and events to create impact and foster growth.

M7 and Venture Café Miami share a commitment to providing an opportunity for startups to connect, network, and grow through educational sessions and resources!

Once you're selected for M7 accelerator cohort, you'll be part of the M7 community for life. Expand your business and expand your network with access to a talented group of founders, investors, mentors, and industry leaders.

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