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Aly Bond

Founder and CEO

NuVision Women's Care

Aly Bond

As the Founder/CEO of NuVision Women’s Care, Aly Bond brings an extensive healthcare background into this forward-thinking enterprise. In addition to her educational background and licensing achievements, her clinical experience in Emergency Medicine, Geriatric Care, Maternal Fetal Medicine, and Women’s Fertility led her to forming NuVision.

Building from the conventional health system and implementing her vision for healthcare reform and improvement, Aly’s telehealth approach of patient convenience and transparent pricing has been met with proven success. Recognized as a telehealth leader in North America, NuVision is assisting thousands of women in thirty-one states and will soon ramp up its staffing, marketing, and ability to deliver its services under a white labeling agreement serving five million employees for Women’s Health services.

Utilizing NuVision’s groundbreaking model offering B2B, B2C and subscription-based services, additional revenue streams and expanded services appear to be abundant and worthy of pursuit in 2022 and the years to come.

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